The Fragility of Being; 2018

Anyone who has ever spent a great deal of time on the shore of the sea, or staring up towards the clouds, knows how transient life and nature can be. The tides roll in only to recede back into the horizon. Clouds are swept away with the storms, only to form anew when the sun comes back out.

“Everything solid melts into air.”

Through a mix of landscapes, portraits, and still lives, I have been exploring the concepts of time, transformation, and vulnerability. The female body is juxtaposed against the landscape, a meditation on the changing landscape in relation to our own bodies. Nature is embodied in a female form. Just as the sea is fierce, unyielding, and refusing to be tamed, so are women.Cliffs are eroded from the continuous motion of the pounding waves, metaphors for perseverance and steadfastness.

Everything is in a state of flux, constantly being broken down and built back up. An ongoing cycle of transformation. And yet despite the power and strength which can be found in nature, there is a fragility, a temperament which could shift at any moment. The fluidity of life and being is precarious and uncertain. Meaning slips through our fingers as easily as water.